Image sources

Most images are taken by me (marked with vh), by my sister Natascha Haunschmid, who is a great photographer (marked with nh) or my boyfriend Patrick Praher (pp).


One area of photography that I like more and more is macro photography. Check out my Facebook album with macro photos from the garden. Patrick and I use the Sony a7 for most pictures.


Some images are watermarked with (c) Patero. Those are the ones Patrick and I took and edited together and provided to others (e.g. after an event we documented). That gives them a personal touch in case they appear somewhere else in the web 😉

Manche unserer Fotos sind mit (c) Patero gekennzeichnet. Das sind die, die wir gemeinsam gemacht und bearbeitet und anderen zur Verfügung gestellt haben. So haben sie einen persönlichen Touch falls sie wo anders im Netz auftauchen 😉

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