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On this page I will collect \(\LaTeX\) code and links that I use regularly and might be useful for others as well.


Amino acids using chemfig

For my bachelor thesis about “Hidden Markov models for structural problems” I wanted to include nice representations of amino acids, so I decided to draw them using the package chemfig.

LaTeX integration


Maybe you have noticed that I have \(\LaTeX\) formulas in some of my statistical posts. For this I use mathjax, a javascript library. The easiest way is to include a link in the header of your php file and write [ mathjax ] (without the spaces) on top of every page where you want to use LaTeX code.

$$p(x) = \frac{1}{\sigma \sqrt{2 \pi}} \exp{\frac{-(x-\mu)^2}{2 \sigma^2}}$$

The code is exactly as in normal LaTeX except you have to use two $ instead of one. One $ seems to be reserved for something else.

$p(x) = \frac{1}{\sigma \sqrt{2 \pi}} \exp{\frac{-(x-\mu)^2}{2 \sigma^2}}$

Links/Online tools

What was the name of that stupid symbol?!

If you are always looking for the name of symbols, detexify is the tool you need. You can draw any symbol and it will you the LaTeX code for it. It works really well!

Table editor

Truben’s table editor

This is not just a table editor but also an importer for many filetypes (csv, HTML, JSON, LaTeX, …) which can then be exported as LaTeX table but also as one of the others (and many more).

Feel free to informe if you find any mistakes or if you know other useful LaTeX tips!

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