Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast

I was guest at the Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast!

Almost 2 weeks ago the Becoming a Data Scientist podcast had 4 special interviews – each of them with members of the Learning Club, including me! I was super excited when Renee asked me some weeks ago if I wanted to participate and I was a little bit nervous during the interview. But I think everything went well 😉

You can see the full interview below (if it’s displayed too small just click on the title and it opens on YouTube).

These are the other 3 participants:

Becoming a Data Scientist Podcast

You can read more about the mentioned books and resources in the blog post @ Becoming a Data Scientist. In this blog Renee documents her path at becoming a data scientist.

The podcast is held biweekly and you should definitely follow the channel whether you are already a data scientist with lots of experience or just starting to become one. It’s always interesting what the guests have to say.

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