WordCamp Day 2 #WCEU

Last weekend I visited the WordCamp Europe in Vienna and this blog post will cover day 2 and my general impressions. At the bottom you can even see a 360° panorama of the Museumsquartier! After the really exciting first day (read more here) I was looking forward to day 2. I had spent the night … Continue reading WordCamp Day 2 #WCEU

WordCamp Day 1 #WCEU

Just a few weeks ago I read about the WordCamp Europe on Twitter. Although my blog exists for more than a year I haven’t heard of this event before. I was super excited that this year the WordCamp is in Vienna. Although tickets were already out, some were resold on Twitter and I got lucky. … Continue reading WordCamp Day 1 #WCEU

Mit “Shariff” datenschutzkonforme Social Media Buttons einbinden

Dass Facebook und Co. Userverhalten mit den Like- & Share-Buttons tracken, hat mich immer schon gestört, aber halt nicht genug um auf ein Plugin zu verzichten, das mir automatisch alle möglichen Social Media Buttons einbindet. Kürzlich ist es zu einem Sieg für Verbraucherschützer gekommen (zeit.de berichtete): Wer einen “lauschenden” Facebook-Button einbindet, muss seine Nutzer darüber … Continue reading Mit “Shariff” datenschutzkonforme Social Media Buttons einbinden

[wordpress tips] Change permalinks

As suggested by several websites I wanted to change my permalinks from the structure p=123 to structure /post-title/ because it should be easier to find my content using a search engine. First you have to go to you wordpress admin panel. Then you do the following: Click on “Settings” Click on “Permalinks” Apply the changes … Continue reading [wordpress tips] Change permalinks